First Roll of E-6

This morning, I went and picked up my first roll of E-6 film that I had dropped off to be developed. I have been anticipating the results for a few days now and I'm very relieved as well as excited. The color pay-off of the slide film really is a step up from standard color film. A few of the images at the beginning of the roll were over-exposed because I had a difficult time getting the camera to latch onto the film lead. I will definitely be getting more of this film (Provia 400x) and I'm looking forward to experimenting more with it. I've posted some of my favorite images from the roll and will be using these as my final project for my photography class. I still have to print them, which is another story but I'm very excited to see them on paper.  Enjoy! 

11 copy.jpg
9 copy.jpg